1. Social & Emotional Support


Provide an avenue through which members can connect with like-minded people and can provide and receive emotional support in a safe and confidential space. 

  • This is something that only other adult music learners can totally understand.  To facilitate this, our monthly group meeting discussions will be for our group members only - no friends or family are allowed to attend. (This group is also ready to support anyone who is seriously considering learning music again or for the first time.)

  • For the performance portion, we will open the group up to the larger community when we feel ready to have a more public recital but it has been agreed that most performances will be open only to group members

2. Learning Support


Provide and promote peer to peer mentoring and learning. 

  • this support group is meant to be only a supplement to what you are learning through your teacher and must not be used as a substitute.  We can give advice based on our experience but most of us are not music teachers.

3. Performance Support


Provide a safe and supportive environment in which to perform. 

  • We will be meeting in a venue with a piano.  All other music learners can bring their instruments. 

  • If you need an accompanist, please collaborate with another group member or bring a recording to which you can play or sing with.

  • Professional and semi-professional musicians are recruited to become our partners in performing and entertaining.  They provide support for us learning musicians at our community service recitals.  in 2020, we willl start to expand our performances to the general public.  Stay tuned for news on that front.

4. Community Service


Encourage group members to contribute to the community at large by volunteering at music events or sharing their music skills

  • Many music events need volunteers to run their events - please consider committing to this valuable service for the music community

  • Or you could consider sharing your musical skills:

    • Rehab hospitals, nursing homes and seniors' homes are places where the residents really appreciate visitors, especially those who are presenting them with the gift of music.

    • We encourage every member to participate, either by organizing a recital or agreeing to perform at a fellow member's recital.  It is easier for the organizer if there are at least three to four other additional performers.  A recital should be about 45 - 60 minutes long so you need enough music pieces to fill in that time.

    • If you have a place that has a special interest for you for which you want to organize a recital, please let us know so we can post it so that group members can join you.

5. Advocating for Adult Music Learners


For Exciting Learning Opportunities. 

  • There is a lack of masterclasses and educational workshops for adult music learners and as a group, we can advocate for the learning that we desire 


Monthly Group Meeting

All of our meetings will be held primarily at our venue of choice, Steinway Piano Gallery.  If we need to find an alternate venue due to scheduling conflicts, they will be noted below:

Please Note: due to CoVID19 and social distancing measures, we are not meeting in person but online and hope to have the online meetings every 2 weeks or as often as decided by our membership.

Our next online group meeting is: April 24 11:30am -1:30 pm If you would like to join our meetings,  please contact us via the contact page and somebody on the executive council will get in touch with you with regard to your first free trial group meeting and the membership fee.

If you want to check us out before joining, your 1st meeting is free.  If you decide that you like us, then you can officially join our group by remitting the yearly membership fee of $40.  Thies fee includes the 24 meetings for the other year.  And  other perks that we will discuss as we work on them. You can find out more about the format of these meetings on the 'About this Group' tab. Until the group members decide otherwise, the sessions are open to group members only.  Please note that there are possibilities of last minute schedule changes so please always contact us by e-mail if you are thinking of joining us so we can keep you informed

Masterclasses, Workshops, Lectures
We have had four masterclasses so far with the following piano teachers: Carlo Santos, Joseph Fridman, Eric Nyland and Kay Alexander.  Our fifth masterclass will be taking place in November with Kathlleen van Mourik as our teacher.  It is taking place on Sunday, November 8th, 2020.  This was postponed due to Covid 19 and will be re-scheduled when we are more back to normal.
Support Group fundraiser – TBD

Help ensure that our group can continue and grow to be a great advocate for adult music learning and contribute to society. All group members will be expected to help organize our annual social event with a silent auction to raise funds for our group. 

Upcoming Events


Virtual Performances

Online concert series to check out:

#CanadaPerforms by the National Music Centre,

"Clean Hands, Clear Heads, Open Hearts Online Concerts by Stagehand

Community Service Events


We are working on our next community service event.  Stay tuned!


Past Events 

Revera Scenic Acres

150 Scotia Landing NW

Organizer - Sandra Low

Saturday, September 14, 2019 2:30-3:30 pm

Group members will be playing with professional musicians: 1)Silverwood Trio - Judy Dofoo -cello, Diana Piggot - violin, Bart Hicks - piano;

and semi-professional musicians 2) Eri McAuley - classical guitar; 3) Kathy Bayley - piano

Group members - Sandra Low and Edel Larkin performed piano pieces and Sandra sang 1 song with Kathy Bayley accompanying

Past Events

Carewest Royal Park

4222 Sarcee Road S.W.

Organizer - Sandra Low

May 11, 2019 3:30-4:30 pm

Group members Edel, James and Sandra were joined by semi-pro musicians: Eri McAuley on classical guitar and Kathy Bayley on piano All group members played piano pieces and Edel sang 2 Irish songs a cappella.