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Q 1

What is this group and how can it help me as an adult learning music?

We are a community non-profit group made up of members who are adults (18+) learning music.  We believe in peer-to-peer mentoring/learning and in creating a psychologically safe space so we can talk about our struggles and share tips on how to overcome those struggles.  We extend the psychologically safe space to sharing our music performances with each other during meetings.


Q 2

What kind of instruments are welcome? What kind of instruments are currently represented in your group?

We welcome all instruments including voice.  Some of the instruments that members currently play include: piano, violin,  flute, guitar (classical), ukelele, harp and voice.  A lot of us are learning more than one instrument.  For instance, the founder is learning both piano and voice and the president, Edel Larkin, is learning piano, flute and ukelele.


Q 3

Do you have to be a certain level to join? What levels are represented in the group currently?

We welcome all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.  We currently have a member who just completed her level 1 Royal Conservatory Music (RCM) piano exam.  We have a member who joined when they were at pre-level one piano and have been in the group for 4 years and who just completed their RCM level 2 piano exam. We also have members who are at levels 6-10 who find our group, great for keeping motivated and advancing their learning.  The founder is currently learning Conservatory Canada (CC) Level 6 classical piano.  The president is registered to take  her CC level 9 piano exam in June.  The vice-president is playing at level 10 in violin.


Q 4

Is there a fee to become a member of this group? Why do you charge a membership fee?

Yes, our membership year runs from January to December.  Our current annual membership fee is $40.  Our renewal month runs during the month of January.  Current members and new members have four weeks to submit their membership application/renewal online along with their membership fee in January.   We need to charge a membership fee so we can meet our financial commitments: annual fee for our website and domain name, annual subscription for Zoom pro plan and other various administration fees and community projects.


Q 5

What does the membership fee entitle you to?

As a full-fledged member of ALMSG, you will have access to 24 group meetings/performance opportunities throughout the calendar year.  And you will also have first access to masterclasses and workshops arranged by the ALMSG at subsidized member prices. (We endeavor to organize at least one educational event per year for our members.)   In addition, as a member you will have access to a new member's only area on the website (currently under construction) where we will be placing resources on music learning, and access to personal blogs from group members who have experienced adult music camps offered by various organizations that our community group members have personally experienced and vetted. 


Q 6

What if I am on the fence about joining?  Is there a way I can experience a meeting to see if it's right for me?

Of course! Your first meeting is always free!  This way you can check out what our meetings are like and meet the other group members.  Please contact us and we will arrange it for you.  After the initial trial meeting, you can then decide if you would like to join. 


Q 7

What if I join the group later in the year?  Do you pro-rate the membership fee?

Adult music learners can join throughout the year.  We start pro-rating memberships after May 31st.  If you become a member in the following months, you membership fee will be pro-rated as follows: June, $35, July $30, Aug $25, Sept $20, October, $15, November, $10 and Dec $10.  We do not reduce the membership fee any lower than $10.

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