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Music Festivals for Adults

One of our mandates is to create music events for adults learning music.  As you all know, there are many music festivals, masterclasses and workshops created specifically for children.  Or they do include adults but just as an afterthought. 


At first I thought this was really biased but I have come to understand why this is and it is a complex issue.  There is a specific obstacle in creating music learning events for adults.  And that is the willingness for adults to perform and put themselves out there.  Because performing is all about being vulnerable; it is very scary endeavour for many of us.  Because of this, the participation level for the adult classes at Alberta Piano Teachers'Association and the Lethbridge Piano Intensive turns out to be very low when you consider how many adult piano learners there actually are, in Alberta.

So if there is no demand, then the supply will also eventually dry up.  The laws of supply of demand hold up in music events just as it does for any business. If consumers are not there to buy the product then the product will not be created or produced. 


My initial reason for creating the Adults Learning Music Support Group was to find other people like me who started learning music as an adult and who I could share my love of music in conversation and shared learning goals.  But I know that this group is also the conduit through which we can shape and develop music education for people like us.  I know that if more adults know about our community and join us, they will feel supported pychologically and emotionally so that they will feel more ready to perform.  


And with our community, we can help create the kind of workshops, masterclasses and music education group classes that we would like to see.  We are the drivers and the stimulus for development of these music learning events.  And because we are in the driver's seat, we can create exactly what we want. 


This music festival is one such event which we were able to create because of the power of our community.  Our group members that support and participate in this event and other events we create, will enable us to keep creating and expanding the music education and music festivals that we, as adults, want and deserve. Please consider joining our growing community!

Founder, Sandra Low

October 27, 2023

Music Fesrtivals

2023 Fall Fete

We are so excited to announce that ALMSG is hosting its first ever music Festival for adults.  The details for this fabulous event follow and it is now open for registration for non-members.  

Here are the details of our first ever music festival for adults  - The 2023 Fall Fete!


Saturday Nov. 18,2024 11:00am -3:00pm MST 



Ambrose University

150 Ambrose Cir SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0L


There is a lovely Yamaha Grand Piano available for pianists. All other instruments of choice will be the responsibility of the registrant to bring to the venue for their participation in the festival.  We will also try to have a bluetooth option for accompaniment tracks for vocals and other instruments.  We will keep you updated on this as we move closer to the date.


Alternative online option:

Submit a video and join us virtually for adjudication. Videos can be uploaded to Youtube unlisted for submission.


Participants are allowed to submit up to two pieces but the details of both pieces must be included on the registration form.




$25 for ALMSG members and $35 for non-members (time slot of 10 minutes, suggested for piece(s) of duration less than 5 minutes).


$35 for ALMSG members and $45 for non-members (time slot of 20 minutes, suggested for piece(s) of 5-10 minute duration).  


Longer submissions may be considered depending on overall time available with an additional cost of $10 per increased length of 10 minutes.


We will try to include an optional confidential recording of performances and adjudication if requested by the performer. This is dependent on technology working, so no guarantees. 


Come and perform something for an adjudication from Melanie Cherniwchan. 


Melanie Cherniwchan is an experienced musician and educator with a passion to explore life through the lens of music. Melanie’s musical roots developed at an early age and her passion stems from the early training she received in the community of Athabasca. She started competing and performing at the age of six, entered the world of musical theatre at nine, and began singing as a soloist at weddings and funerals at eleven. With a desire to expand her view, Melanie set her sights on a meandering course that led her to British Columbia, Ontario, and numerous communities in Alberta before deciding to settle in Calgary in 2010. Along the path, Melanie obtained a Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance, entered the world of the entrepreneur, and married and became the Mom of two beautiful girls.

Her adjudication experience is broad including festival classes in school music, handbells, choral, musical theatre, voice, piano, and speech arts She has adjudicated at music festivals in Athabasca, Barrhead, Bow Valley, Camrose, Crowsnest Pass, Drayton Valley, Drumheller, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Lacombe, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, North Peace, Olds, Parkland, Provost, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Stettler, Sylvan Lake, Kelowna, Vancouver, NATS Calgary Songfest, NATS Ontario, NATS Great Lakes Regional, and Edmonton Contemporary Showcase. Her studio is Explore Music:


The first opportunity for registration is for the Adult Music Learners Groups members. Opening to others after Oct. 18.


If you can volunteer to help organize before the date or on the date, please email Kaylene:


To register please complete this Fall Fete registration form:

Masterclass and workshop

Masterclass and Workshop

We are always working on creating music education group classes for our members. We have had five masterclasses in years past.  Our members have had five masterclasses with various teachers: Carlo Santos, Eric Nyland, Joseph Fridman, Kay Alexander and Kathleen van Mourik.   Our last one was in 2021.  Some of the workshops and masterclasses that are in the works are: (1) a percussion or rhythm workshop (2) a solfege masterclass and (3) a sing and play workshop with Amy Wood. Stay tuned and look for developments here.Updated 24/03/31

Piano masterclass at Steinway

November 20th / 2021 

The piano masterclass with Kathleen van Mourik, the co-founder of the International Festival of Song and Chamber Music Society

Piano masterclass _edited_edited.jpg
Support Group Fundraiser

Support Group Fundraiser

Help ensure that our group can continue and grow to be a great advocate for adult music learning and contribute to society. This year, our Fall Fete is our fundraiser as vice-president, Kaylene Duttchen and our adjudicator, Melenie Chernowchan are our generous sponsors for the event.

Fundraiser event 


The support Group Fundraiser event organized by AMLSG is TBA

Gathering at Kaylene's

August / 2021 

Casual gathering at Kaylene's backyard with performances by members and their families. 

Casual gathering

Casual Gathering

Informal gathering held at member's house, where you can bring your friends and families.

September 14th / 2019  2:30-3:30PM 

Concert at the retirement home with guest performers "Silverwood Trio" (Judy Dofoo -cello, Diana Piggot - violin, Bart Hicks - piano), the group members Sandra Low (piano), Edel Larkin (Piano)  Eri McAuley (Classical guitar) and Kathy Bayley (Piano)

Community Serice

Community Service

Due to Covid, we have cancelled these events.  These are still things that  We will see if we can resume at least one event per year going forward in 2022.  Stay tuned!

May 11th / 2019  3:30-4:30PM 

Concert at the retirement home with guest performers "Silverwood Trio" (Judy Dofoo -cello, Diana Piggot - violin, Bart Hicks - piano), the group members Sandra Low (piano), Edel Larkin (Piano)  Eri McAuley (Classical guitar) and Kathy Bayley (Piano)

Friday April 8th / 2022 7-9PM 

Our member Eri McAuley is performing at Koi with other Classical Guitarists. This events occur every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Events by members

Other Events by Members

Concerts and festivals that our members participate in will be shared here.

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