Sandra Low

I am an adult student who started classical piano studies in September of 2013 at the age of 52.   I have since completed my Conservatory Canada(CC) levels 1, 2 and 4 piano exams and my CC Music Theory Level 1 exam.  I have been studying classical piano and and music theory with my fifth piano teacher, Andrea Kazmaier, since September 2019.  I am currently studying CC level 6 piano repertoire and hope to write my CC music theory level 2 exam sometime in April/May, 2022.  Once I have completed level 6, I will be starting to learn jazz piano as well.


I sang in a community choir for 8 years (2004 - 2011) but started concentrating on solo jazz voice in April 2017.  I am currently learning with my fourth voice teacher, Johanna Sillanpaa, who teaches at the Mount Royal Music  Conservatory.  ​

Updated February 27, 2022

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