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Our First Meeting

We had our first meeting on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at Steinway Piano Gallery 5-7 pm. It was just a small group of four - Stephen, James, Edel and myself. I thought we would finish early but our discussions and performances took up the whole two hours - the time seemed to pass very quickly. All of us were very happy to meet other adult music learners and to discuss each of our own distinctive music journeys. We had some good discussions and came up with some resolutions. We decided that we would keep both the meeting and performance open to group members only for now. We also agreed that we might open the performance portion to family members later if we wished but that for now the status quo felt comfortable for all of us. The last resolution we made was that we would like to have masterclasses with a teacher but we might have that only periodically - about a month before any of our scheduled exams and perhaps separate from our group meetings. It would also be dependent on cost so we would have to discuss that first before proceeding further. At this first meeting, we happened to be all piano learners and also all doing exams this year. Edel already had her exam in February, Stephen has his in April, James and I have ours in June -aren't we a studious bunch! A lot of our discussions centered around performance anxiety and all of us agreed that the only way to get over that is to perform more. These group meetings and the Calgary Classical Piano Meetups are great opportunities for us to do just that. The next group meeting will be posted on the event page when the date is decided. Looking forward to the next meeting!

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