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Summer fun - meetings, camps and masterclass, oh my

I just performed at the Chinook School of Music spring adult performance event (June 2018) and yes, my nerves got the better of me but I am still glad that I did it. I waited until the very end to perform which was not a good idea. I also did not go to the last 2 Calgary Classical Piano Meetups (May and June) which usually really helps me with my performance anxiety so I must start back up with doing that again. Before I performed, I shared with the audience the fact that I started my piano lessons 5 years ago this September. I can't believe that much time has passed by already. My next comment was about the cello choir that performed at the beginning of our event - I noted that it is really nice that cello students can perform together and realize that they are not alone. Learning piano is so solitary and that is why I started this group so I could find other pianists with whom I could talk "piano" with. And I have found that - our group currently consists of 5 pianists - Edel, Stephen, James, Erika and myself. There are some other pianists and a saxophonist (who I met at the JazzYYC Summer Festival while volunteering 2 weeks ago) who are interested and will join us in the coming months ahead. And I would like to reiterate that all adults learning music are welcome to join - all instruments and all levels.

I apologize that there was no June meeting. We were on the waitlist as Steinway was fully booked and as I had my hands full with some personal issues, I was not able to pursue other venue availability. I do have good news though, the next two summer meetings are booked - July 13 and Aug 4. I also have some very interesting learning opportunities that I want to share. First, there is a 4 day jazz vocal workshop by Deanne Matley (jazz vocalist and my vocal teacher) and Johanna Silanpaa(jazz vocalist and teacher) that is taking place July 17-20 at Lolita's Lounge which Edel has signed up for. I wanted to sign up but I do not have time off from work during that week. I have requested time off for 2 of the 4 mini-lessons and I hope to participate at least in this way. And as you all know, I am a big piano enthusiast and I do not take a break during the summer. I usually continue with piano lessons but in addition, I am taking the 3 day adult piano camp with CASSA again - it will be my second time as I took it last year. It was at that camp that I met Edel. It takes place July 23-25 with the recital being on the 25th at 2 pm. The third learning opportunity will take place on July 28th at Steinway in the morning. Joseph Fridman, is a renowned master piano teacher and he has agreed to do a masterclass for our group members. Joseph lives in Edmonton and only comes to Calgary once a year during the summer to teach the CASSA summer piano camp. Edel and I will already be learning from him at the camp but we are excited to have this extra learning opportunity available to us and will be participating in the masterclass. He was the favourite teacher of every adult student that attended this camp last year so please do not miss out on this unique opportunity. For me, as I had to postpone my level 4 CC piano exam from June to August, these extra learning opportunities will definitely help me to better prepare for my exam.

We are going on a trip to Ottawa to experience Canada Day among other things for 4 days and afterwards, we will go to Montreal to take in some Jazz Festival events before heading home. My daughter and I are going to hear Ludovico Einaudi which we are very excited about. I wish you happy travels and happy outdoor pursuits in the next two months and hopefully I will see some of you at any or all of the above events.

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